If you are interested in adopting a horse, mule or other equine, please click to download the Adoption Application or email us if you would like us to email or mail a regular copy of the application.  The adoption application helps us to get to know you and to match your interests, abilities, and home setting with the best possible horse or other equine.

The adoption process that we have established follows what we feel are “best practices” and is in the best interest of both you, as a potential adopter and the animal for whom a permanent, loving, responsible home is our ultimate goal.

Please Note:
No adoption will be considered and the interview process cannot proceed until the application & application fee have been received.  Checking references and reviewing an application are time consuming and vital to ensure the best process.  We want to be certain of your commitment as someone who is taking responsibility for a living creature and we want to ensure the best possible home for the animal.  We also want to do our best to match the adopter to the animal and vice versa.  Thank you for your understanding & cooperation in this process.

To contact Horse Haven Montana with any questions, ideas or if you are interested in making a donation, please email us at:  Phone: 406-880-0683

Download Adoption Application

As an equine rescue and adoption organization, there is nothing more rewarding than placing rescued animals in need, or animals that can simply no longer stay in their current homes, in new homes or settings which are the best they can possibly be for both horse and human. That is our primary goal.

History:  Horse Haven Montana was established in 2007 and within three months, we had three wonderful horses ready for adoption.  By the start of 2008, all three had been adopted into wonderful, forever homes with human partners who understood their individual needs and limitations. One was eventually returned to us, when the owners were transferred to Alaska but he lived on for several more happy years.  We try to keep in touch with our adoptive homes and this reassures us that horse and human have found their match.

As of January 2011, Horse Haven Montana became a 501c3 Not-For- Profit Organization recognized by the IRS as a charitable organization. We hope that approval of our non profit tax status will enable us to be even more effective with more resources, grants and donations, by acting and acting as a charitable organization.

Horse Haven Montana can now officially accept charitable donations and provide our donors with a tax deduction for their charitable donation. We can also accept foundation grants, hold fund-raising events and put more resources into our rescue and adoption as well as educational outreach efforts.

Horse Sponsorships: If you would like to help Horse Haven feed and care for these rescues and know that you are helping horses in need, we do offer sponsorships for some of our rescues. All donations are tax-deductible.

Please note:  If you have a horse or know of someone with a horse that needs a new home, please contact us. We will do our best to give you an honest assessment of our ability to find your horse a home or what the right kind of home might be. We can almost always find a horse a good home or at least we’ll try – from untrained yearlings(though difficult) to senior geldings, there is almost always a good match waiting with time, patience, and caring. We’ll do our best to help. Remember too, if you have anything relevant to horse care that you can donate such as hay, tack, veterinary services or anything that would be of assistance in these efforts, we welcome your support. Our 501c3 not profit tax status has now been approved by the IRS and we can accept charitable donations. But the horses we help and the people we work with don’t really know the difference! Thank you!

Do you have or know a horse in need of rescue? Please visit our Rescue page for more information.

Horses For Adoption (updated 10/24/2014):

JIMBO:  Jimbo is a 20 year old retiring USFS mule.  He has years of experience as a packer working for the United States Forest Service.  But with the beginnings of some ringbone, Jimbo just needs a home as a pet or pasture pal.  Please adopt him or the Forest Service may be forced to euthanize.

Adoption Fee: $250




MOSES & PUNCH:  Two older mules, also being retired from the United States Forest Service, these guys are experienced packers. They are steady eddys, they are gentle, kind and can go in the lead or follow behind.  They both have years of packing experience and can go anywhere and do anything as long as it’s not excessively strenuous.  Own a piece of living history and these mules are wonderful!

Adoption Fee for Each: $250OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



DUTCH:  Kid’s Horse Deluxe!

Dutch is a big, beautiful, older gelding, who is as gentle, kind, well trained and experienced as a horse could be.  If ever there was a bomb proof horse, Dutch is it.  Unfortunately, due to some arthritis, Dutch can only be ridden by someone under 100 pounds. But for a child to learn from, a youth or a beginner who is very small and light, you will not find a more perfect horse.  Dutch is a quarter horse and he is about 17H.  He is an easy keeper and is up to date on worming and vaccinations.  Adoption Fee: $300

Dutch 2Dutch 1

ROANIE: Adopted!

TWO BITS:  Adoptable – Two Bits is in his late teens, is about 15H and 1000 pounds.  He is healthy, sound, kind, well trained and still has plenty of energy.  Two Bits is a quarter horse, and has been well cared for.  He is a little sway backed, primarily due to age and has seen many, many mountain trails.  We are looking for a home where he can enjoy light riding, easy trails, mosey around the pasture, trot off for a sunset ride, easy breezy kind of gentle riding to keep him and you in good shape.  Other than needing to have his teeth floated, which will be done, he’s in excellent shape and as you can see, a very handsome gelding!   Two Bits adoption fee is $300.

Two Bits 3

Two Bits

Two Bits 5 Two Bits 6

HICKORY:  Adopted!

Hickory 1










SALLY & STRYKER:  Adopted!
MISTY:  Adopted!

Mr. Bojangles or Bo:  Adopted!

Dreamer:  Adopted!

Crystal Rose: Adopted!

Lacy: Adopted! Thank you Salmon Therapeutic Riding Program

Junior: Adopted! A horse angel in Dick! Thank you.

Indy: Adopted! Enjoy your beautiful gelding Davilyn!

Annie: Adopted! Congratulations Paula!

Star: Adopted! – Chris, the equine savior!

Brandi: Adopted! – Way to go Chris!

Testimonials from several recent adoptions:

“I’ve been meaning to send you a note for some time but just getting to it now.  Tobie is doing wonderfully.  I’ve probably ridden him over 50 times this summer and have not had any bad experiences.  He’s become a very willing trail horse and will lead or follow.  He’s fun to be around as he loves people and being handled.”

“Thank you so much for being the “middle woman” in bringing this mare into our lives. She’ll be great for Autumns confidence. She is very responsive to Autumn and knows her job and does it! She’s very charming as well!”

“Thanks, thanks and thanks again. I picked Maggie up on Tuesday, rode her on Wednesday. She has adopted me! I have a true testimony of a perfect horse person for a perfect MS person. Thanks for all you did for me, I am delighted.”

Please note: Your adoption donations help to keep our program going and are invested right back into the costs involved in rescue including daily care, retraining, advertising, feed, travel, transport and veterinary services for rescues and adoptions. We are also feel that a requested donation conveys the importance of making a responsible financial, moral and humane commitment to each animal. This also further helps to ensure that the equine is not taken to auction or sold at slaughter, which is against our philosophy, mission and purpose. Thank you for your understanding! For more information, please contact us by email or telephone:

Email: or

Cell Phone: 406.880.0683

Thank you!

A Few of our Many Success Stories


Our first “rescue” was Lucky. While she initially needed reassurance that she would not be all alone and left to fend for herself, once we paired her with our mini, she began the bonding process to both horse and human. As she learned that daily feedings would be the norm and not the exception, she began to relax and just live life like a normal horse, a very funny one we might add. Then came some tune up training and riding time in an effort to understand what she knew and what she was capable of.

Happy to report that Lucky is now living a very contented and well fed life on the ranch with her new best friend, a teenage boy who picked her above all others, to be his pal. Joseph told us he loved her personality, “she’s funny,” he said, and now Lucky and Joseph spend lots of quality time together every day in ground work or just “hanging out” having fun. Lucky loves her other equine companions too and will soon be going on trail rides with the whole family in warmer weather. Congratulations Joseph on finding your best new equine gal friend!


The best way to describe Cody was gentleman extraordinaire. Cody had been extremely well cared for throughout his life but as a wilderness pack-horse and turning 21, he just couldn’t keep up on those long, arduous rides anymore. With a little soreness in his back legs, we knew he could still make a perfect beginner horse and confidence builder and that’s the home he found. With other geriatric equine pals and a mom who is learning to ride with her young daughter, Cody has found the best home for him and his new family has fallen in love!

Angel – Pony

True to her name, Angel is a little girl’s dream pony. An Appaloosa POA, Angel was donated to Horse Haven Montana to ensure that we would find her the best home for her needs and training. We’re happy to say, Angel is living the life of equine luxury and making a 9-year old New Mexico girl very happy. A match made in heaven, Angel and her new human pal named Tiger are getting to know each other on a beautiful ranch with other horses and gentle, slow trail rides, exactly what both the little girl and the little pony were looking for. Happy Trails!

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